Author James Francis McGee has published his most recent work, Alameda Legends Volume IV. (Cover image above: the fabulous Bob Blomberg.)

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James worked with the legendary Paul Yazolino, a three-sport champion, on a memoir about his amazing life! "Unlikely Champion: The Paul Yazolino Story"  is now available on Amazon!  CLICK HERE to learn more... and to order your copy now!!

Battling depression and anxiety for almost 80 years didn't stop three sport champion Paul Yazolino from achieving success in the gym, on the stage, and on the velodrome track. 

Read about Paul's incredible odyssey of life as he recounts numerous tales of frailty, tragedy, and yet ultimately hope and victory! 

You will be inspired and amazed by his day to day battles in the trenches of personal intimidation, stress, and darkness; battles that did not define Paul, but strengthened him and ultimately guided him to peace and hope. 

Unlikely Champion is a timeless story for readers of all ages, for all those of us who face some of the same adversities and challenges.,aps,136&sr=8-1

James Francis McGee has also written a biography about legendary baseball player Jack "Lucky" Lohrke. This book tells the tale about one of the most amazing people in history, whose baseball journey led him through the old Pacific Coast League, the Majors, and back to the Coast League (with three years of military service in World War II in between.)